Astec - Numastec, a joint venture created and based in the USA, combined their expertise in development and manufacturing, to bring their proven new technology to markets all over the world.

"Numastec" was formed in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and is the appointed company, which is responsible for the Business Development in the territories of Europe, CIS countries, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Our company is registered under ISO 9001: 2000. We manufacture and distribute: Re-Ply Roofing systems and fluid-applied membrane systems for the renovation of roofs,  walls, and other industrial surfaces.

Our elastomeric products and systems provide seamless waterproof and weather tight barriers,  as well as offering high reflectivity and dissipation of heat, all while reducing UV light degradation.

Numastec ceramic membranes, roofing, wall and industrial systems have been tested beyond typical standards for longevity, wind resistance, durability, pliability, abrasion resistance, salt, chemical, and corrosives resistance, all while reducing thermal shock damage and the high cost of temperature control.


Our staff, through our meticulous product development process will work with you to determine the best coating solution to meet your needs.

Our company continues its commitment by providing our employees with training to produce the highest quality of work in our industry. We do not just perform work but research and provide the best solutions to the client.

Whether it is solving your Corrosion Under Insulation issues, performing complete coatings, insulation and abatement surveys or just addressing your construction or maintenance needs, our team offers a high return on investment for you.

Each of Numastec are developed, designed and manufactured to suit market-specific needs to :

  • Thermally insulate
  • To provide energy savings
  • To prevent and solve corossion
  • To sustain or solve waterproofing problems
  • To retard fire
  • Protect people and environment

We offer a sale of water based and environmentally-friendly products, each individually designed to offer solutions on regards of :

  • Thermal Barrier
  • Corrosion
  • Waterproofing
  • Fire Protection

The Thermal Barrier Coatings are designed to thermally insulate, provide energy savings and protect personnel from burns and heat-related injuries.


  • Construction and Renovation
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Boats and Trucks

Are the main markets within we offer opportunities and “solutions” to develop for a safer and greener environment.

That’s were we stand for!